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The District of  LILLE.

The District of LILLE  counted 30 post offices from 1852 to 1876. It was the most important District in a postal point of view.
It was the only District where a post office (LILLE) had district post offices (FIVES, MOULINLILLE, LILLE ST MARTIN, WAZEMMES). Most of these post offices were formerly independant.Indeed, in 1857, the city of LILLE need place to grow outside here fortifications.This growth need the annexation of some neighbourg towns.
It is not a very easy District to collect.Except  LINSELLES,LOOS, WAMBRECHIES, all the post office stations are difficult.
The late main post offices like  BAUVIN, LOMME, THUMERIES are very scarce.
The linear stamps in association with the small figures cancels (FOURNES, HALLUIN, TEMPLEUVE) are scarce too.
Special mention to the type 22 of FIVES: never seen!

List of post offices in the District of LILLE:
Haubourdin Marcq en Baroeul
Armentières Lannoy du Nord Pont à Marcq
Ascq Lille Quesnoy sur Deule
Baisieux Lille-Fives Roncq
La Bassée Lille-Moulinlille Roubaix
Bauvin Lille Quartier Place St Martin Seclin
Comines Lille-Wazemmes  Templeuve
Cysoing Linselles Thumeries
Fournes en Weppes Lomme Tourcoing
Halluin Loos Wambrechies

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