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The District of DOUAI.

The District of DOUAI  counted 10 post offices from 1852 to 1876. Most of them were main post offices in the major part of the period.The linear stamp of ANICHE and SOMAIN in association with small figures cancels are very difficult to find.
To note: the large figures cancel of MONTIGNY EN OSTREVENT (Former cancel stamp of  SOULTZ) is a big rarity.
The types 22, 24 and 17 de FLINES LES RACHES are also difficult to find.

List of the post offices in the District of DOUAI:
Aniche Marchiennes
Arleux du Nord Montigny en Ostrevant
Aubigny au Bac Orchies
Douai Raches
Flines les Raches Somain

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