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The District of AVESNES.

The District of AVESNES counted 22 post offices from 1852 to 1876. Half of these post offices were opened in the second half of 19th century. This District was very well provided in post offices in spite of a population and industrial infrastructures less important than in other Districts.
In fact, this District is very wide and very rural. It was thus necessary to open more new post offices in order to serve the users and to relieve work of the existing offices.
The numeral cancels for these post offices are not very difficult to find except some post offices like BEUGNIES, CARTIGNIES, ENGLEFONTAINE and VILLERS SIRE NICOLE.
To note, the erroneous small figures 373 of BERLAIMONT (used in BERNAY DE L'EURE) rather difficult to find.
In the same way, the erroneous large figures cancel 4979 of JENLAIN a little overpriced (but all the same not very common), because it was believed a long time that it had lasted only one year and half.This cancel (normally used in GRIZY LES PLATRES) was sent by error to the post office station of JENLAIN which frequently used it (relatively speaking) until September 1871, then more periodically until May 1874.
Large figures 1768 of HAUTMONT used with the type 22 of this office are exceptional (duration: a little more than a month).Moreover, one knows  this combination with the large figures used early in December 1862!

List of Post offices in this District:
Etroeungt Le Quesnoy
Avesnes Fourmies Sains du Nord
Bavay Hautmont Solre le Château
Berlaimont Jenlain Trélon
Beugnies Jeumont Villers Sire Nicole
Cartignies Landrecies Wignehies
Cousolre Maroilles
Englefontaine Maubeuge

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