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German field post in the District of Valenciennes 1914-1918.


The sendentary post offices.

Field post office n° 77 (Feldpoststation n° 77)
The post office n° 77 settled in VALENCIENNES and reached the 6th Army in October 1914. It will remain there until mid 1915. Before October 1914, this post office belonged to the 7th Army. It returned to this Army in June 1915.
We have here a diverted (but authorized) use of the handstamp  "Eigene Angelegenheit des Empfängers" (own business of the addressee). This handstamp was used before and at the beginning of the war to show it was a private mail. Private mail between soldiers was in postage free until the rank of sergeant ans for postcards and letter to 60 g. This handstamp was used to justify the postage free. It was struck by soldiers and not in the post office. During the war, this handstamps got the same function as a regimental handstamp. It could be use instead of the regimental stamp to show that the sender was a miliatry or an authorized person. 

field post office n°7 (Feldpoststation n° 7)
Bavarian field post office n° 7 settled in VALENCIENNES on the second half of December 1914.This post office was near from one of the 3 postal transfer points of the 6th Army. The postal transfer points (Postumschlagsstelle) received the mail bags cars bound for the troops  located in the area of VALENCIENNES and temporarily stored these bags. Each field post office sendentary or not came by truck to withdraw the bags concerning the troops they curently deliver. This transfer point was necessarily near a railroad or a station. The post oofice n°7 should be located in the same facilities than the transfert point.
It is very frequent to meet postcards mailled in this post office with the handstamp of the Management of the military railroad and the date stamp of this post office. 

The field post office n° 12 (Feldpoststation n° 12)
The post office n° 12 was opened in VALENCIENNES in the end of 1914 and was closed at the beginning of 1915. It seems that this post office was in service for the "Etappen Flugzeug Park" (Aviation Park of the Lines-of-communication of the 6th Army).This Aviation Park was located at the airfield of LA BRIQUETTE near VALENCIENNES.

The post offices of the Etappen-Inspection:
VALENCIENNES was the city where the Etappen Inspection of the 6th Army (Etappen Inspektion 6.) was settled. This military Administration had his own post office in VALENCIENNES and used another post office (the bavarian military post office n° 2) which was settled in Famars street 98  on  November 13th, 1914. 
This post office  used 2 date stamps nammed differently:
- Feldpoststation n°2 der 6. Armee
- Feldpostanstalt der 6. Armee
In March 1916, these 2 post office received and used the same type of date stamp "Feldpoststation 402"

Feldpoststation n° 2, then Feldpoststation n° 402:

The "Feldpostsekretär" BLAU, the assistant of  the "Feldpostsekretär" STUMPFEGGER the Chief of the post office. This date stamp type is not very common, because usually one circle date stamps  didn't show the year in the date. This date stamp was modified to receive a complete date (day, month, year)

Feldpoststation der Etappen Inspektion:

The field post office n°292 (Feldpoststation n° 292, puis Deutsche Feldpost 292)
When the Etappen-Inspection of the 1st Army settled in VALENCIENNES, the post office n°292 remplaced the post office n°402 in Famars street, 98.

The field post office n° 411 (Feldpoststation n° 411, then Deutsche Feldpost 411)
This post office was opened in ST AMAND LES EAUX on April 10th, 1916. It evacued this town on November 2nd 1918.
On February 15th, 1917, the army post office n° 411 was named "Deutsche Feldpost 411". As for the other post offices, its date stamps was scraped.
This card was sent by a soldier affected in the recruits depot of the military engineering. 
Card sent by a doctor from the military hospital n° 673 located in ST AMAND.
We can notice that the date stamp has changed, but it's always a scraped date stamp.

The post office n° 419 (Feldpoststation n° 419, then Deutsche Feldpost 419)
This post office was opened in DENAIN on August 10, 1917 under the control of the 6th (Bavarian) Army. On November 5 1917. This post office moved to the 2nd Army but remained in DENAIN.

Field post office n°45 (Deutsche Feldpost 45):
It is the post office of the Lines-of-communication Inspectorate of the 2nd army. It settled in VALENCIENNES on April 20th,  1917 and leave the town in mid 1918..

The post office n° 408 (Deutsche Feldpost 408)
The Feldpoststation n°408 was settled in MARQUETTE EN OSTREVENT on  june 12th,  1917 and in BOUCHAIN on  November 2nd, 1917 where it managed the mail of the 9th Reserve Corps (2nd Army).

The field post office n° 323 (Deutsche Feldpost 323):
The field post office n° 323 came in the 6th army on April 12nd, 1917 when a Lines-of-communications border change occured between the 1st and the 6th army. This post office was at that time already in MARQUETTE EN OSTREVANT.It remained there until May 28th and then came to BOUCHAIN where it remained until August 30th,  1917. It managed the mail of the sedentary troops of the 19th Reserve Corps.

The post offices of Army Corps

11th Army Corp (Feldpostamt XI. Armeekorps):
The post office of this  Army Corps arrived in VALENCIENNES on October 4th 1915 and left this city on October 9th to join the 7th Army.

13th Army Corp (Feldpostamt XIII. Armeekorps):
The post office of the 13th Wurtemberger Army Corps arrived in VALENCIENNES on October 10th 1914 and left this city on October 15th.

The post offices of Divisions

The 3rd Guard Infantry Division:
The post office settled in  VALENCIENNES on June 6th, 1916 and remained here until July 1st, 1916.

The 5th Infantry Division:
The post office (Feldpostexpedition) of the 5th infantry Division settled in VALENCIENNES on August 2nd, 1915 and left this city on September 7th, 1915.
It was back in VALENCIENNES on July 4th to 9th, 1916.

The 13th Reserve Infantry Division:
This Division was sent the vincinity of Valenciennes from the 7th Army at the end of October 1915. Its post office was settled in ANZIN on October 31st, 1915. On December 25th, 1915, the Division left Valenciennes to reach the 5th Army.

The 25th Reserve Infantry Division:
This post office settled in  VALENCIENNES on October 10th, 1914. It left VALENCIENNES for COMINES(France) on October 14th 1914.

The 43rd Reserve Division:
This Division was in Serbia at the beginning of 1915.It was withdrawn from this front and tranfered by train to the western front (February 1st to 6th,1916)  where it was placed in reserve in the area of the 6th army under the order of the Supreme High Command (Oberste Heeres Leitung).  It probably settled in the vincinity of VALENCIENNES until March 23rd, 1916. Then it was transfered to VERDUN where it came on March 25th.

The 56th Infantry Division:
According to  B. KOOP, the 56th Infantry Division arrived in the Department NORD (in RACHES) in July 1916.It would not obviously have been in the District of VALENCIENNES.However and although this Division belongs to the 5th Army, we know by " Histories of the 251 Divisions of the German Army " that it was sent from Eastern front to rest in the area of VALENCIENNES (without other details) in July, 1915. We also know that this Division was sent in the end of July in Lorraine (SARREBOURG).
The District of VALENCIENNES was then still the area of the 6th army, but this Division was in Reserve of the Supreme High Command (Oberste Heeres Leitung) and was not subordinated to any particular Army Corps.
Considering the transport time for an entire Division, the 56th Infantry Division must have spent no more than 2 weeks in VALENCIENNES.

The 58th Infantry Division:
According to  B. KOOP, we know that the  58th Infantry Division stayed in DENAIN from March 20th, to March 25, 1915.


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