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The local postage rate 1830-1878.

The local postage rate from 1863 to 1878: the "Recette réunies" local postage rate (joined main post offices).

The Post Office concluded  local agreements concerning reduced postage rate letters circulating 2 main post offices (called "Recettes" in 1863).These post offices were to be bordering and the mail traffic  was to be important.
This rate was not other than the local one applied to two bordering Postal District.
In the Department Nord there was 2 cases of joined main post offices local postage rate:
- From the (central) post office of LILLE to the post offices of WAZEMMES and MOULINLILLE (ended in May 1859).
- From the post office of VALENCIENNES to the post office of ANZIN (ended in April 1878 in the end of the local postage rate).

LILLE-WAZEMMES-MOULINLILLE: Before May 1859, the post offices of WAZEMMES and MOULINLILLE were 3rd class main post offices independent from the post office of LILLE. With the annexation by LILLE of the municipalities of FIVES, WAZEMMES, MOULINLILLE and ESQUERMES, the post offices of WAZEMMES and MOULINLILLE lose their independence and become additional post offices of the main office of LILLE. The joined main post office postage rate between LILLE, MOULINLILLE and WAZEMMES lasted less than 5 years. For the users, there is no difference between the joined main post office postage rate and the local rate between the central Office of LILLE and the additional offices.

1854: Letter from MOULINLILLE to LILLE. At that time the two post offices are still independent one of the other. Since July 1, 1854, the Administration had granted in certain very limited cases the possibility of setting up a local postage rate between two not very distant main post offices. 

1857: Letter given to the mailman during its round in the village of ESQUERMES depending on the post office of WAZEMMES to LILLE. Since July 1, 1854, the joined main post office postage rate between LILLE and  WAZEMMES was effective.

VALENCIENNES-ANZIN:  VALENCIENNES and ANZIN were two bordering towns and very industrial. The important mail (in particular of the mines of ANZIN) could justify the application of the joined main post office postage rate.

1859: Letter from VALENCIENNES towards ANZIN. These two cities have a main  post office. The local postage rate should not normally apply. However, here, the letter is in postage due and the postage due stamp was affixed by an employee of the post office  of ANZIN. There cannot be an error. This letter presents the case of the local postage of the "joined  main post offices". To note finally, that the postage due stamp was printed in lithography.
1867: Closed envelope franked with  10 c from VALENCIENNES to ANZIN.  These  2 towns were joined main post offices.
1873: Letter from ANZIN towards ST-SAULVE, rural community located in the Postal District of  VALENCIENNES. 
1873: Up to 10 g postage due letter from VALENCIENNES towards ANZIN.

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