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The local postage rate 1830-1878.

The local postage rate from 1863 to 1878: postage due letters.

Letters circulating inside the same town.
Letters circulating inside a Rural District.

Letters circulating within the town were the post office is located.
With the postal rate of January 1, 1863 founding the franking bonus for the local postage, a letter in postage due until 10 g cost 15 cto  its recipient instead of 10c to the sender if it had been franked.
The 10 c postages due stamps thus become useless. The administration requires of the offices to return these figurines in stock.

1864:Letter from and to  VALENCIENNES (weight less than 10 g) in postage due.Since january 1 1863 the postage of a letter in postage due  with a weight  up to 10 g  costed 5 c more than in postage paid.
The abbreviation "E.V" means "En Ville" (In Town).

Letters circulating inside a rural sub-district:

1865: Letter from CAMBRAI postage due to NOYELLES-SUR-ESCAUT. The postage-due stamp is perforated in line. The CAMBRAI post office is known for perforating on line of the unperforated postage stamps.
1865: Postage due letter from  COUSOLRE towards BOUSIGNIES. The post office station of COUSOLRE was depending on the main post office of  JEUMONT.

1864: Letter from SAINS-DU-NORD to AVESNES.
1864: Lettre posted in AVESNES to SEMERIES after the last mail collection (Postmark "après le départ").

On September 1, 1871, the postage rates change and a unfranked local letter until 10 g cost to its recipient 25 c and 15 c for its sender if it was franked.
The arrival of the postage-due stamps of 25 c was not immediate, there was delays. One thus asked the agents to use the old 15 c postage-due stamp  for their value or to hand tax.

1875: Postage due letter to 10 g taxed with 25 c (Sept 1st, 1871 rate). VERCHAIN was a rural village depending on the post office of  VALENCIENNES.

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