Small and large numeral cancels Local postage rate
German field post  in Valenciennes 1914-1918 Other  subjects

Post offices of Nord
The date stamps
District of Avesnes
District of Cambrai
District of Douai
District of Dunkerque
District of Hazebrouck
District of Lille
District of Valenciennes
Large numeral cancels of Decembre 1862
History, postmarks, rates
Postage due 1830 à 1862
Postage paid 1830 à 1862
Additional "rural décime"
The beginning of Postage due stamps
Postage paid 1863 à 1878
Postage due 1863 à 1878
"Recettes réunies" postage rate
Special postage rates
German field post
Etappen postal system
Location of field post offices
Some examples
Prosecution files
Value declared letters
Border postage rate France-Belgium.

The study of postmarks  is a fascinating subject, because it touches closely the postal history and the routing of the mail, but also the History generally.
These few pages will allow you to make a time travel in a time when mail was one of only means of communication.
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